Monday, May 31, 2010

The Never-Ending Bucket far.

Although I have been crossing things off of my list since the end of last year, I thought a blog would make things a little bit more interesting and cause me to get things crossed off a little bit faster. In the mean time, here is some of my list. This will, in fact, continue to grow:

1. backpack and/or visit Europe
2. learn to juggle with three balls 
3. Grand Canyon, again.
4. Statue of Liberty
5. ride in a taxi
6. go on a cruise
7. skiing
8. Australia
9. New York
10. scuba diving 
11. Hooters 
12. go parasailing
13. go to Enchanted Rock 
14. Kelsey's lakehouse with the family
15. camp on the beach
16. Jacobs well
17. meet a Jonas
18. iceskate on a frozen pond
19. steal a Sara(h) St. sign
20. skinny dipping
21. surf
22. hunting
23. two places at once
24. four places at once
25. Greece
26. get married
27. have kids 
28. Hawaii
29. get on TV
30. Seattle
31. go to a ballet
32. go hiking
33. Winstar
34. Las Vegas, again.
35. Graduate college
36. NYC New Years
37. my name on a score board
38. be on kiss cam
39. french quarter for Mardi Gras
40. London
41. have my first classroom
42. Promise Land
43. camping
44. praying with someone to receive Christ 
45. read the Bible
46. ride in a hot air balloon
47. own a diamond at least 1 karat
48. See a NYC Broadway show
49. Disneyland/world
50. see stand-up comedy
51. ride a gondola in Venice
52. go to a Museum of Art
53. see the Mona Lisa 
54. see a meteor shower
55. ride on the back of a dolphin
56. ride an elephant 
57. be inside a Great Pyramid
58. get a pie in the face
59. see leaning Tower of Pisa
60. be a member of the audience on a TV show
61. Graceland
62. have a snowball fight
63. build a snowman as tall as me
64. have a food fight
65. find all 50 state plates
66. Japan
67. milk a cow
68. gone to a drive-in theatre
69. run in a 5k
70. see a 3D movie
71. ride a mechanical bull
72. go to flash mob
73. jump into sewell with clothes on
74. have a bonfire on the beach
75. shoot a gun
76. go to Chicago
77. attend a fashion show
78. bake a perfect fondant cake
79. drink wine in Italy


  1. Best of luck on your list journey!

  2. I love your bucket list and I hope you accomplish all these things on your list!