Tuesday, June 1, 2010

11. Go to Hooters

December 2009
Family and Amilia

      Okay bloggers, I can understand that having Hooters on my bucket list is a little strange. But hear me out! I have grown up in a very sheltered home, which is fine, but sometimes it makes me think that there are some things out there that I haven't fully experienced. Oddly enough, Hooters is one of them. I had heard over and over how horrible it was that the women were so exposed and that the food really wasn't even that great. So I had to try it out for myself!
     Once I told my father about my new blog, he wanted in on all the fun too! So the first thing he did after looking at my list was take my family and I to Hooters. After being in there for about 5 minutes, I realized that everything I had heard about the place was right. The girls made me feel uncomfortable, and the food really wasn't that good. Although, I do have to say the fried pickles were D-LISH!
     So the question is, would I choose to go back? Probably not, but at least I got to experience something out of my comfort zone, as well as cross it off my list!

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