Monday, January 24, 2011

Three at once? Splendid!

     Being a college student, Christmas break is the greatest part of the year (other than summer of course). Besides the fact that Christmas is my favorite holiday, I love cold weather, and there is nothing but joy around thtat time of year...we get a whole month off of school. Naturally, I wanted to spend my whole month of freedom doing things that I want to do, or that I have always wanted to do.
     As you know, some of the things on my list require snow. Being a Texan makes this task of "crossing them off" a little harder, seeing as the most snow we get is around 2 inches. So I got to travel to Avon, Colorado to visit Nick and his family! I got to spend New Years and a few extra days up there with them in their condo. While I was there, Nick was sweet enough to make sure that I got to cross a couple of things off of my list.

     What were those things, you ask? 
           7. Go skiing
           62. Have a snowball fight
           63. Build a snowman as tall as me

       Granted, our snowman was no at tall as me, but we certainly tried. The snow was not sticking together as planned, but at least I got to build one! Maybe I will be able to try again when we go back to Colorado for Spring Break this semester!

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