Wednesday, July 6, 2011

71. ride a mechanical bull

     Yesterday was the annual celebration of the Queen B's birthday, and this year she turned 21. For the past few days Bonnie was using the phrase "It's my birthday!" every chance she could. Why did she pick where we eat? It's her birthday. Why does everyone else need to move out of her way during traffic? It's her birthday. We stopped counting her saying this phrase after 38.

     In celebration of this wonderful day, a bunch of us made our way to Austin to spend a night on 6th street. Of course, going on a Tuesday night made it a little hard since we were some of the few people out, but never the less it was a great time.

     One of the bars had a mechanical bull, and of course Bonnie and I had to try it out. It was not as hard as I was expecting, but it was most certainly fun and made for great entertainment.

PLEASE NOTE: I did have shorts on, so everything was kept PG.

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  1. I once rode a mechanical bull and got tossed off, making my daughter laugh very much. This reminds me to check to see if I put it on my previously done list...