Thursday, August 25, 2011

20. skinny dipping

Let me just say that nudity is something that I am not comfortable with, at all. To be totally honest, I don't even like wearing a bathing suit. It's not because I am self conscious and not completely comfortable with the way I look, it's just simply too revealing and makes me feel a tad bit violated. Am I crazy for feeling this way? Maybe.

So why would I put skinny dipping on my life list you ask? To challenge myself, to do something I never thought that I would actually do. Did I do it in front of a bunch of people? No way. Did I do it in front of anyone? More or less. 

Here's the story:
My best friend and I both had a day off from working, and we thought that we would spend our only free day doing something adventurous! So we put on our swim suits, tanks and chacos and headed to Wimberley for a little river time fun. The place we ended up had so many great places to rock climb, go hiking, and had a very secluded area for swimming in the river. This is where I decided to overcome my fear, and cross one more thing off my list! No one was around, and I had even forced my best friend to go on the complete opposite side of the river where he couldn't see me and jumped in! Granted, it lasted about 5 seconds and I got too shy and hurried up and put my swim suit on before I yelled at him to come back, but I'm glad I did it!

The rest of the day was spent talking and laying in the sun, carrying a little more pride that I overcame a fear...although, I will probably never do it again :) 

Obviously no pictures of me actually doing this, but here are some others from that day!

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